Saturday, 28 April 2012

Banchory Scouts Jumble Sale

Today was the long-awaited Scouts' Jumble Sale in Banchory. This is the 40th year it has run and the second I have been. Last year we picked up the 'family bike' for £20. After spending almost a hundred pounds on new tyres, tubes, cables, lock and basket, the bike has been a workhorse. So, this year we had waited eagerly for the sale to come as there are always loads of bikes. Having got there early, I hovered around a lovely old gents racer with faded, original painted decals; loads of character. Unfortunately I hesitated for too long and it was snapped up quickly. Having another look around I found this lovely looking Carlton with an unusual frame shape. It was offered for £30, I tried to haggle to £25 to no avail. I asked someone else later who offered it for £50 so I decided to go back to the original sales-scout for the original offer of £30. Upon research the ladies frame style is known as a Mixte. So, this is the latest in a line of unfinished projects. According to the frame number and the initial Internet research, it seems that the prefix T stamped on the rear drop-out suggests it is 1966 though if it is then it's in great condition. The pedals and chrome forks are still gleaming. I don't thing this will take much work to look lovely. I'm also looking forward to investigating the rear wheel which seems to have space for free-wheel cogs on both sides.

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