Thursday, 2 August 2012

New Frame

After an eventful and pretty unsuccessful race at Muckmedden this year I decided to do away with the full suspension frame and go for something requiring less maintenance. So, after selling the frame and RP23 shock, I invested in a steel Cotic Bfe. I haven't had so much fun since they set the ferrets loose in the clown trouser shop's changing room!

It's light enough to get up the climbs, nimble enough to get over any technical, rocky and rooty bits but it really comes into it's own on the descents. Having not really ridden a hardtail much before, I was blown away by the change in riding style and how much I needed to be focused on line choice and riding position. It is more unforgiving than the full suss and therefore puts the adrenaline back into the ride that have become a little tired over the years.

So, unless I break it, this is going to be my off-road steed for the next little while. I just feel that I have to relearn how to ride and get out of some bad habits.

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