Current Projects

Here are the bikes that I am currently working on. I'll post up some pictures of progress as and when. If you have any information on the history of these bikes, please let me know. I'd welcome any questions or comments at the bottom of the page.

1951 Rudge Roadster Superbe

After Raleigh bought the Rudge brand in 1943 they continued to produce the bikes with the same Rudge frame design and with the Rudge badge. These were Raleigh's flagship 3-speeds of the time and were available as an upgraded 'Sports' model or the top of the range 'Superbe' model with upgraded Brooks saddle, locking fork and Dynohub generators built into the hub.

Raleigh 3-speeds of this time were available in 3 colours; black, dark metallic green and a metallic brown or 'coffee'. Most of the similar bikes that I have seen have been painted black, as had this one until I started scratching away the black paint to reveal the 'coffee' underneath.

Elswick-Hopper Range Rider

I really don't know much about this bike at all. Going by the serial number it looks to be early 1970s maybe late 60s. It's in pretty good condition. As I learn more about it, I'll update the blog.

TI-Raleigh Racing Bike

I bought this bike from a guy who buys interesting things amongst other things. This caught his eye as it did mine when I saw it on Ebay. The sticker on the frame says it's a Ti-Raleigh. Tube Investments was acquired by Raleigh in 1960 and the TI-Raleigh racing team was a Belgian team. However the bikes were red so I'm really not sure. The frame number does not seem to fit any of the systems used by Raleigh between 1950 - 1980 so I'm stumped! However, with interesting and what seem like high quality components, I'm looking forward to getting this one on the road.