Thursday, 6 June 2013

ABZ Mates Race Round 2: 6th June

Scolty                                                                   A very brief lowdown of the Scolty race: The weather was great and everyone was eager on this one. Scolty is a common venue for most local mountain bikers and I felt confident as I'd ridden this race last year. However, my body didn't quite feel up for it. This was reflected in quite a poor time. I won't go into the riders who did not understand the etiquette of letting faster riders pass. And I won't go into the details of how I couldn't follow simple route markers and had to ride a section twice!
It was a great route but very pedally and took a fair amount of effort. As usual, the folks organising the race did a blinding job and everything was safe and good fun. 

Chasing a tail. "Excuse me please sir" just didn't seem to work!

My times felt good but a twisted chain on stage 3 really slowed me down and affected my overall time. Therefore, the wine wasn't mine. Neither was the beer or the cheese and biscuits. However, as a stroke of luck, there was a spare chain. It was used, made up of different chains and may not have even been 9 speed. I still have it in my shed!

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